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Advancing Your Health

Everyone at Advanced Orthopaedic Specialists, from our experienced surgeons and physicians to our highly trained physical therapists, operates with a single mission: to advance the health of Northwest Arkansas by eliminating pain and helping people move again.

Trusted By The Razorbacks

Our practice is trusted by the region's top athletes, including the Arkansas Razorbacks. We take pride in helping not only student-athletes, but also weekend warriors and anyone who has experienced an injury or is dealing with pain in their joints. We're here to get you back to your personal best. 

Experts In Our Field

We're experts in the areas of modern, minimally invasive techniques and offer a caring environment. In addition to sports medicine, our specialties include joint replacement, shoulder repair, knee reconstruction, cartilage restoration, fracture care and a growing list of non-surgical services. When surgery is necessary, most are performed on an outpatient basis.

meet the physicians
and surgeons

Our select team of orthopaedic surgeons and sports medicine physicians have advanced fellowship training and a combined 90 year history of success in our field.
David Yakin, M.D.
Terry Sites, M.D.
Christopher Arnold, M.D.
Kent Hagan, M.D.
Eric Heim, M.D.

Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners

 AOS has friendly, highly trained physician assistants and advanced nurse practitioners on staff to help guide you back to pain-free living.
Taylor Sites, PA
Jessica Shepherd, APRN
Cara Shelby, PA
Lane Austell, PA


All of our therapists have completed comprehensive, specialized training and are ready to help restore your health and performance.
Brent Houston, DPT
Jimmy Myers, DPT
Ashley Sizemore, DPT